About My Three Words

My Three Words is produced by IOU and commissioned by Junction, Goole. The purpose is to celebrate the creativity and the places in Goole; an inland port 40 miles from the sea in the East Riding of Yorkshire. This port links it to rest of the UK and the world through a network of waterways.

Launched in Spring 2021 these online galleries exhibit work created by groups, schools and individuals. The work exhibited uses the What3Words platform, have links to a specific three metre square area in Goole. If you have a story of Goole, whether you’ve lived there all your life, visited or simply had a memorable experience there, share it with us.

Anyone can share poetry, prose, musical work, photography, video, drawings or anything that can be digitised and uploaded to the online gallery. The only criteria is that the work submitted is inspired by a physical location in Goole, and that it has a unique What3Words co-ordinate. See submission page for more information and guidelines.

In Summer, Junction and IOU will select a handful of artworks from the online gallery to deliver a programme of live events, walks and installations. This will be followed in Autumn with an exhibition at Junction Goole (providing COVID rules at the time allow this)

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