The only criteria are to submit artworks inspired by a physical location in Goole with a unique What3Words coordinate. All digital artworks must be situated within 2 km of Junction, Goole.  See the Submissions Page for further information and guidelines on how to submit work.
Most of the artworks on the online gallery can be found at the My Three Words Art Trail.  Each artwork on the trail has a physical sign with a QR code on or near the spot that the artist chose as inspiration. Audiences can scan the QR code to reveal additional information about the artwork.
Visit My Three Words Art Trail to navigate the trail. Click on any one of the artwork pins on the map and click a second artwork pin to start the trail. Our unique map will give you directions on how to get to the artwork.
At Junction, throughout Winter 2021-22, there will be a short film about My Three Words between cinema screenings to show visitors how to make Goole inspired artworks of their own. If you’d like to be updated on My Three Words future programme visit Junction’s What’s On and sign up for the Junction newsletter.
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