Sarah Mole
Abstract painting on canvas, inspired by how places are connected and how they make us feel.

The location is at the foot of the two water towers (Salt and pepper pots) and the words are Marriage, situation and share. While sketching I considered the marriage of these two buildings built first in 1885. 

On the wall in my studio, is William Smiths map of Strata created in 1815. It is one of the the first attempts to visualise the earth’s rock layers during the Industrial Revolution. It shows colours representing the different strata, that look like plasticine, pushed and pulled in various directions. 

I started to explore how Hull and Goole, both ports, are built on Alluvium. They are married by their Geology which affects the industry, flora, undulation of the land (or lack of). became interested in how two distant places might be connected by strata. 

This fits with other work of mine around strata, water, topography, exploring, emotional geography, maps, picnics and how we can affect how we feel about places by being creative in them together.

Sarah Mole

Sarah Mole creates work by building sensory textures. She uses concrete, varnish, emulsion and metallic finishes. She explores socially engaged practice and emotional geography.

Her project Urban Picnic curates walking routes where work is created together and left somehow to be found. These have included physical exhibitions, but also pieces using sound, film and geo locative apps.

Sarah is interested in how we feel about space and if it's possible to change how we feel by being creative together.

Thanks to A.L.U. for support on the sound and film editing.
Thanks to Barney for introducing me to this project and studio space.