Elle Douglas
A recorded spoken word piece about Castaway Goole.

A building that can blend into the background
Nothing to shout about It’s as plain as the next structure…

“You know the free car park? Just opposite that”

You could ramble by daily and may never notice it
it’s whiteness sinking into the landscape
A town known for it’s port, the ships, masses upon masses of water
now that it is quietened, what remains?

Take a look
A pile of bricks that has always been full of salvation
now it’s a different kind of respite
What we see is possibility
we see a blank canvas
a realm of imagination
where nothing can become something, whatever you want it to be
every possibility is ALLOWABLE

There is ALWAYS a friendly face
a kind gesture
an understanding and acceptance of difference
a hidden talent and the drive to learn
Never a question is asked, you be you

And when the audience has shuffled into their seats
grasping at crumpled programmes full of family and friends
the cast is ready, but full of butterflies
Little belly creatures that remind us anything can happen, but something could go wrong
the beauty of live performance

The lines have been learned
the music has been written
hours upon hours of rehearsal…

“Should we do that again? and 5,6,7,8.”

That is when we come alive
as individuals we no longer matter
we are a chorus, a team
and we move as one slick unit
standing in the wings, cheering on our fellow thespians
until the curtain is down and we can celebrate our accomplishments
and the barriers we overcome to achieve them

When we STACK chairs and tables at the end of the show we know this is not the end,
as tomorrow these fours walls could become anything we want them to be.

Written and recorded by Elle Douglas, this spoken word piece is inspired by Castaway Goole, a charity who supports peoples with learning difficulties and disabilities to make music, theatre and film. The My Three Words that are tied to the Castaway building entrance were used as a starting point for this piece and are highlighted in capitals.

Elle Douglas

Since graduating in 2012 with a degree in Musical Theatre, Elle worked for 7 years as a freelance singer, performing in bands and on cruise ships. For the past 3 years, Elle has worked as Creative Lead and Arts Facilitator for two charities as well as writing plays and short educational shows and performing her solo act, Miss Vintage Twist for private events and in care homes. ​