Dreaming Of Music

Julian Westerman
A semi-improvised piano solo exploring themes of nostalgia, abandonment and hope.

Dreaming of music was inspired by Goole’s West Park Bandstand.  In 2020 performance venues were closed across the country and West Park was no exception. The bandstand, a place built for performance and entertaining stands empty, lifeless and without music.  Taking this as inspiration Julian Westerman chose to create a piece of music inspired by this structure.

“When I heard about IOU Theatre and Junction’s My Three Words project, the West Park Bandstand was the obvious choice for me.  I love music making and nothing beats performing outdoors on a beautifully sunny day.  I chose the bandstand because it was dedicated to my uncle and piano teacher, Frank Ella, when it was renovated and reopened in 2014.  In 2020 live performance stopped, and I took this abandonment as inspiration for my piece. I’ve used a fairly simple repeating phrase through the piece with the aim of producing a haunting theme with fuller chords later bringing feelings of hope for the future – people returning, and live music was again coming from this much loved site.”

Julian recorded the piece at home on his vintage upright piano.

Julian Westerman

Julian Westerman is a musician living in East Yorkshire. He grew up in the area and as a child, attended piano lessons in Goole every Saturday morning at the Hargreaves Music and Furniture shop on Boothferry Road, with his uncle, Frank Ella.

He has worked as a music educator; he was chairman and trustee of Huntingdonshire Music School in Cambridgeshire for around 8 years until returning to Yorkshire 3 years ago. Over the last 3 years Julian has developed his solo performance and original composition and has performed with a number of local groups including Howden Pantomime and Theatre group, and the Allsortz Big Band based in Bubwith. Julian also provides individual piano tuition.