Post 16
Riverside Special School

Peaceful garden
I picked this place because I feel very calm and safe with the birds singing and
the sensory things. I think that really help calm me down and help me consider
how I am feeling because it is very quiet and you can have some quiet time.
This is a place you do hands on learning and constructing objects and things
using different materials. It helps you feel more confident about using tools.
These are useful skills for the future.

The words I would use are peaceful, birds, sensory.

I made this word art by:
First, I made a word list about the favourite place and then looked at antonyms
and synonyms to find similar words linked to the words I have used in my word
I used the what 3 words app and found the 3 words for my place. These words
are downside, workroom, summit. I add these to my word list.
I used the word art app to create a picture of my favourite place in school.
Then I imported my word list to the word art app I picked the words I wanted
to be big once I picked the size of 5 words.
Next, I chose a shape the would describe and emphasised my favourite place.
Then I changed the font, layout and style that would best fit my picture of my
favourite place and then I changed the colour of my words.