Post 16
Riverside Special School

The relaxing room 

The reason I have chosen this room is because it is relaxing and when you go in there it makes you shut down and forget all of your worries.

The what 3 words app brought up the word’s swims, tumble 

and relocated and it describes the room really well. 

I liked the words, dark and quiet and peaceful because when you go into the room it is dark, quiet and peaceful.

We made a list of words and using the synonyms tool on Word we were able to select better words.  We had to find several new words and pick our favourite ones. 

Then we went on to word art and made a list of our chosen words. 

After we made a list, we had to choose the shapes based on what went well with the place that we had chosen.

Then we had to decide on the font and you had a choice of which font you liked.

After that we decided on the colours and chose what colours you liked.

We then picked our favourite work. This one was my favourite because of the colours I have chosen. It looks like the colours in the sensory room because the colours look lovely and relaxing.