Post 16
Riverside Special School

The Swimming Pool

I love the hydrotherapy swimming pool because it’s beautiful, it’s quiet and it calms me down. It looks like the pool is magic in the dark when the bright, blue light shines on the water.

What3words is an app where you find your favourite location by using the map on your phone. When I go to my favourite place the 3 words from the what3words app are crisper, matchbox and dust. 

I’ve picked the words beautiful, quiet and magic because one of them is about who I really am and also, my own word magic is inspired by my favourite song called Magic which was sung by Kylie Minogue. The pool also made me think about the Sea life centre and the Deep. 

You can click the words and see the synonyms that mean the same thing. I used my words by adding them to a website called WordArt.com and turned them into a picture by selecting some designs, colours, layouts, shapes and fonts. I got to customize the words and add some different colours into them too and then I visualized the shape as I was looking for it.