Michael Barnes-Wynters
Prisoner of War camp teaser remixed for future Visual Opera.

File under: Visual Opera, Performance, Film, Architecture, Intervention Since moving to Hull from Manchester in 2014, countless train journeys South to London would always glide through (never stopping) Goole with its two old water towers aka The Salt (brick c.1889) and Pepper (concrete c.1927) Pots dominating the skyline. My Three Words project has been that welcomed catalyst for an inaugural Goole journey to go explore impressive The Salt and Pepper Pots, its landscape, waterways dovetailing with forensic deep divings of research into the town’s history to shine light on any possible untold stories, myths or perhaps legends. Prisoner of War (PoW) camp (Hostel 53) now situated at Damac Transport on Coronation Street is that untold story where my fertile mind has begun to spin a myth with legends in the form of a performance film intervention to be screened in 2024 Peter Greenaway’s debut feature length film The Falls (1980), a mock absurdist documentary, remains to be the single myth created of Goole with its Goole Water Tower film vault, home of the Violent Unknown Event commissions film archive. ‘When forced to pick between truth and legend, print the legend’ -Tony Wilson
Soundtrack by collaborator RFM

Michael Barnes-Wynters

Based in Kingston-Upon Hull, Michael is a multi-disciplined audio visual artist, mentorist, mischief maker and instigator. Originally from Bristol of Jamaican parentage, his long-term artist collaborations broadcast at the intersections of immersive experiential film installations and provocative durational actions/ performances. Michael's collaborative arts activities eloquently asks blunt, relevant and meaningful questions that tackle human suffrage, racism, gender exploitation, injustice, control and the hyper normalisation of humanity. BLACK LIVES MATTER