Terms & Conditions

This document covers the Terms & Conditions for submitting artwork to the My Three Words Gallery

Members of the Public (here referred to as The Artist) are required to read this before submitting their own work. 


  • All work must be original including words and music. Copyright clearance is the responsibility of The Artist.
  • All artwork must be created for My Three Words, works that appear to be reproductions of old artworks that the artists has presented upon other platforms will not be accepted.
  • IOU (The Host) agree to host chosen artworks created by members of the public (The Artists) from a variety of art forms on the My Three Words Gallery.
  • The Host also may select artworks submitted to the My Three Words Gallery for presentation in some form in the second and third stages of the project, which is outdoors and/or at Junction, Goole. 
  • The Host reserve the right to present copies of submitted artwork and related material for marketing in perpetuity. This includes marketing materials related to the project and on IOU or Junction’s marketing materials.
  • If an artwork is chosen, The Host will display The Artist’s name and any related credits on the image. The Host cannot present hyperlinks to an artist’s personal website or social media in a credited image/s. 
  • The Host will present the artwork on the website and, if chosen, in the second and third stages of the project for the duration of the project. 
  • The Host reserves the right to withdraw an artwork at any point during the project. 
  • The Host may request, for safekeeping, any/all physical objects created, to present in the second or third stages of the project. The Host will return all objects safely to The Artist upon the conclusion of the third stage of the project, when the exhibition at Junction ends. 
  • If an artist wishes to promote their inclusion in the My Three Words project or promote their artwork on another site or show, they agree to do so in accordance with the project guidelines and credit IOU, Junction, and My Three Words on all associated marketing materials. Upon completion of My Three Words, after the conclusion of the third stage of the project when the exhibition at the Junction venue ends, The Artist is free to promote their work, created for My Three Words, as they see fit.
  • In accordance with the My Three Words Privacy Policy The Artist agrees that their personal data will be shared and used to communicate with them during the project, should they choose to they can opt-out of this at any point by contacting the data controller at info@ioutheatre.org and their data will be deleted. 
  • Artwork submitted to the My Three Words project will be assessed by The Hosts and selected for presentation on the site, The Hosts reserve the right to decline to select artwork submitted to the project. Not all artworks will be accepted.