James Nicol
Multimedia recording exploring the history and mythology of Oakhill Nature Reserve.

Wild is a piece of performed poetry combined with images and ambient sounds recorded on location exploring the history and mythology of the space. It is inspired by Oakhill Nature Reserve in Goole, which James has enjoyed exploring since moving to the area almost three years ago. The specific site features brick ponds, and James explores the real and imagined history of this place, inviting the readers and listeners to explore their own imaginations in relation to natural spaces and places. James says:

“The process began by visiting the location and making notes, allowing words, phrases and sentences to suggest themselves whilst exploring the space. Once back home I began to structure the piece quickly deciding it would work better as poetry rather than prose. Once the piece had been edited I recorded it and added in the images and ambient sounds.”

James Nicol

James Nicol is the bestselling author of The Apprentice Witch book series. The books have been translated and sold across the world and is currently in production for a TV series with James in a consulting role. He grew up in Norfolk where he spent his time absorbed in novels or adventuring in the wood at the bottom of the garden searching for monsters and witches.

Nichols has published three books in The Apprentice Witch series: The Apprentice Witch (2016), A Witch Alone (2018), and A Witch Come True (2019). He is currently working on a fourth novel due to be published in Spring 2022

James Nicol




A my.three.words  Gallery Opening Commission


James was one of the artists who was invited to make a piece of work based on the my.three.words brief, as examples to show what can be done and encourage everyone who wants to be creative to make a piece of art based on a location in Goole and upload it to the gallery.


I’ve always been intrigued by marginal pieces of land. Land that is ‘spoilt’ – not the unspoilt beauty spots that we can heartily enjoy, but the slightly unnerving places that have been upturned by human activity and then left for nature to reclaim. James’s poem and video captures the ambivalence we can feel towards these places perfectly, with cleverly blended words and images.  


I also like the fact that it highlights a place in Goole that not so many people are likely to have visited.

David Wheeler
Artistic Director, IOU